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Münchenwiler seminar

Each spring the Collegium generale invites members of the University community to a seminar in the Münchenwiler castle. The seminar is an opportunity to engage in self-reflection and provides a platform for developing interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary skills in teaching and research. 


Friday, May 13 – Saturday, May 14, 2022     

Spectacular experiments no doubt belong to the narrative of scientific progress. Still, seemingly endless series of trials that often deliver no concrete results, characterize research routine. The importance of scientific experiments in the history of research is a field that receives increasing attention in philosophy and cultural studies. Obviously, experiments differ in important ways: From complex climate simulations through game theory in economics to medical and psychological trials. In the seminar, questions opened up by this vast spectrum of experiments will be discussed in interdisciplinary fashion with the help of examples. How exactly can experiments prove hypotheses and theories? How do different disciplines relate to theories that only partially or not at all lend themselves to experimental testing? What is the value of evidence based on experiments that cannot be reproduced?

The seminar will be conducted in German. For the detailed program, please see the German Website.
Participation is open to all members of the teaching and research staff and intermediate staff at the University of Bern. Participation is free of charge.

To participate, please register on the German website

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