University for everyone Collegium generale



Hulliger, Jürg, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Science


Berlis, Angela, Prof. Dr., Department of Old Catholic Theology
Myrach, Thomas, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences


Amacker, Michèle, Prof. Dr., Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies
Anderegg, Ursina, Office for Gender Equality
Carell, Thierry, Prof. Dr. President Forum for University and Society
Conzelmann, Achim, Prof. Dr., Vice-Rectorate Development
Fankhauser, Lilian,  Office for Gender Equality
Fargnoli, Iole, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Law
Forterre, Franck, Prof. Dr., Vetsuisse Faculty
Dali, Fabian, Delegate of the Students Community (SUB)
Graeter, Stefanie, Delegate Association of teaching and research assistants
Hascher, Tina, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Human Sciences
Lubrich, Oliver, Prof. Dr. (Project manager of the Literary readings)
Mahlmann-Bauer, Barbara, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Humanities
Perrig-Chiello, Pasqualina, Prof. em. Dr., Senior Citizens' University
Mohacsi, Paul, Prof. Dr., Faculty of ​Medicine
Moser, Marcus, Communication and Marketing Office
Pedinelli-Stotz, Daniela, Department of Education, Canton of Bern
Purtschert, Patricia, Prof. Dr., Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies
Schlieter, Jens, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Humanities
Steinke, Hubert, Prof. Dr. Dr., Faculty of ​Medicine
von Zimmermann, Christian, PD Dr., Delegate Association of lectures
Wagner, Andreas, Prof. Dr., Department of Protestant Theology
Wiese, Uwe-Jens, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Science

Academic staff

Kviat Bloch, Sara, M.A.