Mobility and Exchange Outgoing

Mobility in Europe

Rheija Hug, Outgoing nach Universidade Nova de Lisboa
© Rheija Hug, Outgoing to Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Testimonials from outgoing students

Bild von Serena Wölfel, FS 18

Ulster University, UK

Serena Wölfel, spring semester 18

Universiteit Gent, Belgium

«Gent was the perfect destination in many ways: Everyone (students and lecturers) spoke English perfectly, the university is international and offers a friendly and inviting atmosphere for international students”
(translated by UniBE International)

Spring semester 17

Bild von Meret Pfister, FS 18

University of Helsinki, Finland

Meret Pfister, spring semester 18

Bild von Fanette Loviat, 18/19

Universität Witten/Herdecke, Germany

Fanette Loviat, 18/19

Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, Hungary

"It was even better than I had hoped. I got to know people from all over the world and made close friends. Budapest is just amazing. The experience of spending a semester abroad all on my own was the best thing I could have done.”
(translated by UniBE International)

Fall semester 17/18

Bild von Laura Wyss, FS 19

Universitat de Valencia, Spain

Laura Wyss, spring semester 19

Wageningen University, Netherlands

«Interesting fire side conversation with international students about our cultures and the meaning of “normality”, working in the garden with my room mates, relaxed dinners at the university's student café, trips to the cities of Netherlands – I wouldn’t miss any of these experiences! I am glad to have overcome my initial skepticism and to have spent the semester in Wageningen”
(translated by UniBE International)

Fall semester 16/17

Bild von Jeanine Rütschi, HS 18/19

Université de Montpellier, France

Jeanine Rütschi, fall semester 18