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What is health?

Health: everyone is aiming for good health, more than ever before.

Not only are healthcare institutions running at full speed, but each individual is also asked to pursue a healthy diet and enough movement to stay fit well into old age. But what do we mean, exactly, by health and what chances and challenges do we encounter on the road to a healthy society?  Do we have a right to health? Is health unjustly available in society? Do globalization and climate change pose a threat to health? And how are animals and other creatures with whom we share the Earth affected?

Contributions from different academic fields offer insights into the diverse and rapidly changing world of public health. The lecture series will lay out the challenges we face, highlight current developments and point out possible directions open to us. 

Two lectures are in English:

October 25, 2023:
Healthy societies, prevention and sustainability
Prof. Dr. Claudine Burton-Jeangros, Soziologie, Université de Genève ;

December 13, 2023:
Epidemiology in the Era of Climate Change
Prof. Dr. Ana Maria Vicedo-Cabrera, ISPM/Oeschger Centre, Universität Bern.

For full program details, please see the German page.

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