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Joint-supervision doctorate (Cotutelle-de-thèse)

The University of Bern no longer offers joint supervision of doctorates on an individual basis. However, the joint supervision of doctorates is still possible for long-term international, strategically important research projects with a minimum of five doctoral students. Where this is the case, the University of Bern will assist in drawing up a framework agreement with the foreign university.

Doctoral students will receive a diploma from each university with a note confirming the joint supervision of their doctorate. In addition, they will be supervised by a professor at each university and conduct their research equally at both establishments.

Applications for negotiating a framework agreement may be submitted by the supervising professor(s) of the University of Bern. The application should contain a detailed explanation of the scope and strategic significance of the cooperation project for the University of Bern.

Federal University of Pará, Brazil (in computer science)

Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (university-wide)

University of Campinas, Brazil (in computer science)

University of Marburg, Germany (in the Faculty of Humanities)

University of Strasbourg, Frankreich (in the Faculty of Humanities)