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Live Online Meetings

This topic is about bidirectional, synchronous transmission of video and/or sound. Bidirectional means that all participants can interact and react to each other simultaneously from different locations. Synchronous means that this happens at the same time.

There are numerous terms for this form of interaction and the forms are even not clearly defined. The settings range from simple, direct communication (face-to-face) to highly complex virtual scenarios (connecting several real and virtual rooms with hundreds of participants). What one understands by "video meeting" can be an "online presentation" for someone else or is maybe called a "webinar". You can find more information about the forms here Videokollaboration

Each of these scenarios can be realized with more or less complex technical settings. There are different applications available at the University of Bern. Depending on your intended settings and priorities, one of these solutions is more convenient than others.

Use Teams to easily stay in touch with your team and students. Microsoft Teams is well suited for chat and ad hoc video calls in smaller groups. Stay in contact with Microsoft Teams

Zoom is available in a licensed version to all members of the university for the organization of courses, working groups and webinars with a collaborative focus. More information...

Jitsi via SWITCH is a simple tool for uncomplicated video meetings. Chrome must be used as browser. It is well suited for simple courses and working groups with few collaborative elements. Anleitung Video Meeting mit Jitsi (PDF, only in german)

Skype is an external application that is not offered directly by the University of Bern and to which there is no access model via the university account (no Skype Business).

Skype meetings are limited to a maximum of 50 people (max. 15 recommended). Each participant must be individually registered with Skype. To reach all desired participants you can set up an etherpad in ILIAS to organize all user names or create an invitation link and to organize the desired participants in Skype in a group.

Adobe Connect is an efficient tool designed for webinars with a collaborative focus. However, problems are currently frequently encountered on the SWITCHinteract online meeting platform, particularly during core hours, as only 250 simultaneous connections are possible for the whole of Switzerland and it is not possible to determine how many lines are currently free. It is currently not advisable to rely on this solution. More information...


Vidyo is suitable for quick uncomplicated meetings at your own computer or the use of conference rooms. However, the service is currently only available to a very limited extent in special settings and usually only in appropriately equipped conference rooms. Please choose another videoconferencing solution. More information...


Not, what you are looking for?

If you are interested in recording podcasts, creating videos for teaching or making a pre-recorded lecture or conference contribution, you will find help on this page: Video in higher education