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In its promotion of Equal Opportunities, the University of Bern focuses on the following topics and is working on numerous measures accordingly.

Recruitment procedure

The University of Bern is committed to increasing diversity in the composition of its staff, particularly at the professorship level. A central starting point is the quality assurance of the recruitment procedures.

Promotion of early career female researchers

At the University of Bern, disproportionately more women than men drop out of academic careers. In order to counteract the so-called "leaky pipeline", the University of Bern provides targeted career support for women.


The University of Bern is aware that balancing university and non-university activities can be challenging. It therefore strives to take the life contexts of its employees and students appropriately into account in its framework conditions.

Access to study and choosing a field of study

Access to studies at the University of Bern is open to all who meet the admission criteria. Nevertheless, there may be visible or invisible barriers for certain groups of people. The University of Bern is committed to removing these barriers.

Respectful and inclusive study and work environment

The University of Bern actively works to promote a respectful and inclusive working and study climate and defines points of contact for university employees. Here you will find information on various prevention, information and awareness-raising measures:

Academic culture

Scientific excellence is based on a diversity-sensitive and equal-opportunity scientific culture that is practiced at all levels. The University of Bern has set up a working group to address this issue and is coordinating the Swiss-wide "Better Science" initiative.