Organizational Matters Student Financing

Foundations and Funds

The University of Bern works together closely with different foundations and funds. Please find below a selection of foundations which can support students, researchers and university projects according to the particular circumstances and conditions.

Database Foundations and funds

Provides researchers and students at the University of Bern with information on relevant foundations and funds that award grants, prizes or give financial support to research projects. It provides basic information on the type of support and the criteria on which funds are awarded. These can vary greatly from one foundation to the next. Entry to the database only from the network of the University of Bern and the Inselspital. In addition, the database is also accessible via VPN.

Database of the foundations and funds of the University of Bern

(Login only from the network of the university and the Inselspital)

Burgergemeinde Bern (civic community of Bern)

To underline its close connections with the University of Bern, the Burgergemeinde Bern (civic community of Bern) grants one-off, small amounts to scientific plans and projects of the University of Bern as part of a loan approved every year. There is a web-based tool available for making your application. This is where you will find the funding criteria and submission deadlines. Please note that requests are now only accepted electronically using this tool!