Mobility and Exchange Outgoing

Procedure and Application

  • You are responsible for finding an internship in Europe
  • You contact your study coordinator or director of studies regarding recognition (for internships that take place during your course of study)
  • You submit the application form to the UniBE International
  • Once the application has been checked and funding is available, you will receive a grant confirmation from the International Office. You will then be given details of the further procedure and will receive a number of forms (learning agreement for traineeships, insurance declaration, grant agreement - declaration of honour, certificate of attendance, final report)
  • Please return the completed and signed forms to the UniBE International

For students of veterinäry medicine

For an internship in veterinary medicine, please contact Prof. Dr. Meike Mevissen ( BEFORE you apply for an internship in a clinic and for the scholarship at UniBE International. Registration deadline for veterinary medicine: March 1rst for the following fall- and/or spring semester

Departmental Coordinator