Mobility and Exchange Outgoing

Mobility worldwide

Dennis Lerch, Outgoing Seoul National University, South Korea
© Dennis Lerch, Outgoing Seoul National University, South Korea

Testimonials from outgoing students

University of Montana, USA

Patricia Jost, spring semester 19

University of Ottawa, Canada

"My exchange in Ottawa has been a very rich experience. Canadian people were always friendly and open, and they offered help whenever needed. Long-lasting friendships with people from all around the world were only one part of the exciting experiences that happened in Ottawa. I was mind-blown by Canadian National Parks, as I am very keen on discovering nature in different parts of the world. Now back home, I really feel that Canada has become a part of me and it feels like home too."

Fall semester 18/19

Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Isabelle Hänni, fall semester 18

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

"The university campus is huge. It’s definitely worth buying or renting a bike for the semester. The students are extremely helpful and kind. All my professors spoke English perfectly and they structured their lectures very interestingly."
(translated by UniBE International)

Spring semester 18

University of Technology, Sydney

Thomas Steinmann, spring semester 17

Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia

"I can hardly believe that this very educational and adventurous semester in St Petersburg has already come to an end. A country, a people – even an entire world that has been so unknown and strange to me just half a year ago, has become my second home. St Petersburg, also fondly known as “Piter” among the locals, is a jewel among the cities of our world. Definitely a must for every bucket list."
(translated by UniBE International)

Spring semester 18

Keio University, Japan

Elilan Rasaiah, spring semester 19