Mobility and Exchange Outgoing

Mobility worldwide

Picture by Dennis Lerch, Outgoing Seoul National University, South Korea
© Dennis Lerch, Outgoing Seoul National University, South Korea

Testimonials from outgoing students

Picture by Stefanie Meyer, HS 19/20

University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Stefanie Meyer, fall semester 19/20

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

"It's definitely a very special time in your life that you will forever remember. You can't compare it to a semester at your home university because you are constantly experiencing new things. It feels like a one-semester adventure holiday."
(translated by UniBE International)

Fall semester 19/20

Picture by Alessia Giezendanner, HS 19/20

Anna University Indien

Alessia Giezendanner, fall semester 19/20

University of Ottawa, Canada

"My exchange in Ottawa has been a very rich experience. Canadian people were always friendly and open, and they offered help whenever needed. Long-lasting friendships with people from all around the world were only one part of the exciting experiences that happened in Ottawa. I was mind-blown by Canadian National Parks, as I am very keen on discovering nature in different parts of the world. Now back home, I really feel that Canada has become a part of me and it feels like home too."

Fall semester 18/19

Picture by Isabelle Hänni, HS 18

Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Isabelle Hänni, fall semester 18

Picture by Elilan Rasaiah, FS 19

Keio University, Japan

Elilan Rasaiah, spring semester 19

Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia

"I can hardly believe that this very educational and adventurous semester in St Petersburg has already come to an end. A country, a people – even an entire world that has been so unknown and strange to me just half a year ago, has become my second home. St Petersburg, also fondly known as “Piter” among the locals, is a jewel among the cities of our world. Definitely a must for every bucket list."
(translated by UniBE International)

Spring semester 18