University for everyone Collegium generale

Mission statement


The Collegium generale (Cg) of the University of Bern originates from the "Cultural and historical lectures" established in 1929, and its activities since 1954 make it the university's oldest, independent, interdisciplinary institute. Its role is to promote cross disciplinary dialog and interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary networking within the university through events for teaching staff, early career researchers and students of all faculties and to communicate examples of its work to members of the wider public by means of publications and general education courses.

Organization and cooperation

The Collegium generale consists of representatives from all faculties, including lecturers, assistants and students. It falls within the administrative control of the Rector's Office.

Teaching staff and researchers

Faculty members and early career researchers submit proposals for subjects and projects with an interdisciplinary component, by making a request to their faculty representative in the Collegium generale or by referring directly to the head office or executive committee

A working group of teaching staff and researchers is established for each topic. This group is then responsible, in conjunction with members of the academic staff of the Collegium generale, for designing and organizing courses.


The Collegium generale is particularly aimed at students and invites them to attend the lecture series as part of their own course of study. Students from all disciplines are credited with 3 ECTS points upon completing the course requirements (free credits/elective courses). Recognition in various study programs indicates the importance of cross-disciplinary perspectives.

General public

Apart from the Münchenwiler seminar, which is intended for university members, all events are also open to any interested member of the general public outside the university.

Activities and courses offered

Interdisciplinary lecture series

Lecture series for audiences from all faculties and the general public are usually held in the fall and spring semesters. Lecturers from our own university, as well as from other universities, are invited to speak. Whenever possible, an accompanying course is also offered by one or more faculties. Workshops for students can also be provided to accompany the lectures.

Münchenwiler seminar

In the spring semester, a weekend seminar is held in the Münchenwiler castle. The seminar provides members of the university with an opportunity of continuing education and self reflection and also provides a platform for developing interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary questioning and skills in teaching and research.

Literary readings

In the fall semester, the Collegium generale organizes "literary readings" in cooperation with the professor for Modern German Literature and Comparative Studies. Each year, readings are oriented towards a selected subject and authors from Switzerland and abroad are invited to attend. Readings are accompanied by a seminar at the Institute of Germanic Languages and Literatures.


The Collegium generale creates long-term visibility by means of various forms of publication: The "Bern University Papers" published by Haupt Verlag, electronic publications in the form of course podcasts and journalistic formats in various University media.

The work of the Collegium generale Is governed by its mission statement and its agreement with the Executive Board of the University of Bern. This mission statement was adopted by the Collegium generale on March 12, 2014.