Organizational Matters Renewal of Semester Registration

Procedure and Timing

Do you want to attend courses and take exams in the coming semester as well? For this you have to be registered.

Do you want to continue studying next semester?

The renewal of the semester registration is done in three steps:
1. entry online in the re-registration form
2. receipt of the bill and payment of the semester fees
3. receipt of the certificate of registration and validation of the UNICARD

Your re-registration form for the next study semester is available for the

fall semester  from May 20 to August 31
spring semester  from December 15 to January 31

under self-service for you to check and, if necessary, correct.

You have access to your student data with your Students Campus account. If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one from the helpdesk at the Servicedesk. The re-registration form cannot be processed until you have changed your initial password. 

Online semester registration

Changeable data

  • Address data: The field "only want study-specific information" in the 'Change address' → 'Communication data' tab can be freely enabled/disabled. If it is enabled, you will only be sent study-relevant e-mails to your official university e-mail address. E-mails about offers in areas similar to your field of study-are suppressed.
  • Details of studies / subject combination: Apart from with the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Medicine, ONE additional minor can be taken with all degree programs. Additional attainments will be listed separately on the diploma supplement by the faculties.
  • Details on registration, removal from the student registry or leave of absence (only possible for students)

After submitting the re-registration form

your student data for the coming semester is no longer available. You can send an e-mail to the Admissions Office asking them to make any necessary subsequent changes. Depending on the changes made, you will receive from the Admissions Office:

  • a bill for the fees for the coming semester within 10 – 14 days by post,
  • an e-mail to your student mail address asking you to submit further documents or
  • a confirmation of removal from the student registry by post


If you would like to receive our invoices electronically in the future, log in to your Swiss bank or Postfinance for e-bill.

Extra time for the submission of the re-registration form

You can be granted extra time until the end of calendar week 37 or 7 respectively on request (e-mail). If you miss the date, you will be removed from the student registry ex officio (Art. 6 Section 2 of the Regulation on procedures and dates for admission and registration dated 09/18/2018).

Once payment has been received

we will send you your certificate of registration by letter post. You can validate your UNICARD:

  • for the fall semester: from August 1 until the end of October at the latest  
  • for the spring semester: from February 1 until the end of April at the latest