Tools and Work Aids Individual tools


Setting up working groups and online surveys independently

iTools is a particular area in ILIAS that allows easy access to individual ILIAS objects. Employees and students can set up public online surveys and working groups in iTools by themselves. The offer is expanded with other ILIAS tools as needed.

The tools of iTools are offered in ILIAS of the University of Bern and are provided by the Support Center for ICT-Aided Teaching and Research (iLUB). You do not need an ILIAS course, but can create, manage and set up your own ILIAS tools independently in the corresponding categories.

Access to working groups and online surveys


All members of the universities attached to SWITCHaai have access to the ILIAS of the University of Bern and thus to iTools.

For logging in, you can use the Campus Account of your home institution. For members of the University of Bern, this is the same account that is used for the university email and login in CTS. Members of the Insel group use their Insel Account.

Access to courses, working groups and other learning materials

Persons of this following swiss institutions have already access to ILIAS of the University of Bern. External users (primarily people from non-Swiss higher education institutions) who do not belong to one of the host institutions listed in the login window can use a VHO account. Read more under VHO-Account.


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