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Cross-Sectional Topics


The University of Bern improves equal opportunities and supports talented young academics. The University takes its ethical responsibility seriously and takes into account the principles of gender equality in its academic, administrative, and operational units. The University is committed to equality for men and women. It uses effective instruments and career models to promote the success of women and men in academia.

Sustainable Development

The University of Bern takes its ethical responsibility seriously and is committed to integrating sustainability as an interdisciplinary issue across all areas of the university. The University has set itself the goal of carefully managing ecological, economic and social resources. It is working continually to ensure and improve its performance in this area.

International Networking

The University of Bern strives for the achievements of its researchers and professors to be recognized on a global scale. The University ensures good framework conditions for international cooperation, has global links, and maintains an active network of relationships with partner universities. It encourages international student, professor and researcher exchanges with other higher education institutions.


The University of Bern regularly presents itself to the general public, the research community, the economic sector, and political authorities and thereby contributes to societal and political opinion-forming processes.


With regard to its digital expertise, the University of Bern is nationally and internationally recognized by authorities, political bodies, other universities, the economic sector, and other important stakeholders as a model organization and is systematically linked with the relevant agents.