Mobility and Exchange Outgoing

Mobility between Swiss universities

Once you have completed one year (BA) or one semester (MA) of study or your previous bachelor studies at the University of Bern, you have the option of studying at another Swiss university for one or two semesters. You remain registered and continue to pay tuition fees at the University of Bern. There are no registration fees at the host university.

A limited period of study at a different Swiss university provides you with an opportunity for improving your foreign language skills, taking advantage of an extended range of subjects, making new contacts and discovering a new environment.

In theory, a mobility stay is possible in most subjects. Please discuss in advance whether and at what level of study your subject will recognize your academic achievements with your departmental coordinator of your subject. We recommend you conclude a learning agreement. You will find the corresponding form further down.


Online application form

Fill in the online application form.

Registration deadlines

1st of March for the fall semester

1st of October for the spring semester

(Exception: Students of Medicine wanting to attend the University of Lausanne - 1st of March for both semesters)

Learning Agreement (PDF, 80KB)