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For students

It is essential that you read the relevant regulations, study plans and appendices of the study plans, as well as the publications of the subjects before or at least at the beginning of your studies. This information is legally binding. For more information, please contact the student advisors (Studienfachberatung)!

Good planning and organization of your studies does not guarantee good grades, but it is a good starting point. It is important to note that there are different registration procedures for the various courses and assessments. In particular, there are different deadlines for the registration and deregistration of the various courses and assessments.

Lecturers announce the conditions of the individual courses, in particular the modalities for registration and deregistration to/from courses and/or assessments in the first sessions of the semester. You must not assume that you can find all information on the web. If in doubt, ask your lecturers or tutors or the student advisors (Studienfachberatung).