Academic culture

Academic excellence requires equal opportunities.

The basis for this is provided by a diverse research culture offering equal opportunities, which is practiced at all career levels,

But which values determine the way in which university members work together? What culture do they live? And what defines excellent research, who defines the criteria? The definition of excellence and research culture crucially shape the work experience and careers of university members.

The Office for Equal Opportunities coordinates the university-wide working group “critical discourse on excellence”, which engages with these issues, critically questions them and offers possibilities for action.

  • Mirjam Heldner (Stroke Center, Inselspital)
  • Mara Hofer (SUB)
  • Justyna Jaguscik (MVUB)
  • Lara Kneubühler (MVUB)
  • Regula Neuenschwander (Institute of Psychology)
  • Nicole Nyffenegger (English Department)
  • Heike Mayer (Institute of Geography)
  • Martino Mona (Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology)
  • Julia Morinaj (Institute for Educational Science)
  • Sarah Schilliger (Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies)
  • Eva Schürch (Institute of Psychology)
  • Viktoria Supersaxo (Research Associate Quality Assurance and Equality, Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences)
  • Sina von Aesch (Institute for Historical Theology)