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Application and admission with a Swiss degree


Consecutive Master's Degree programs

You can apply for all consecutive master's programs at the University of Bern providing you didn't take your degree too long ago and there are no admission restrictions for the degree program. The degree program regulations of the required field of study specify how long back your degree can be.

In the "Requirements" tab of the degree programs you can find out whether your Swiss bachelor's degree entitles you to embark on your desired master's program without assessment.

If your degree and the study program of the University of Bern differ too much, the relevant faculty will specify, in an assessment, additional requirements which can be completed during the program of study. These must be passed successfully.

You have to apply earlier for medical study programs (Medicine, Dental Medicine and Veterinary Medicine). Apply before the prescribed deadline if you want to study at the University of Bern.

Non-Consecutive Master's Degree programs

It is also possible to be admitted to a master's degree program in another field of study providing there are no admission restrictions and you catch up on any prior knowledge from the bachelor's program. The prerequisite is that your degree does not date back too far. Your transcript of records is checked to see what additional knowledge you have to acquire.

Specialized Master's Degree programs

Additional admission requirements which must be completed prior to embarking on a program of study are defined in the regulations of the relevant master's program. Please note that it is only possible to start studying some subjects in the fall semester.

Application with a Bachelor's Degree from a Swiss University of Applied Sciences or University of Teacher Education

Due to the different orientation of the degree programs of different higher education institutions, you cannot be admitted to a master's program without admission requirements which can be completed during program of study.


The Admissions Office is responsible for admission to studies, while assessments are conducted by the individual faculties.

Special admission requirements for all medical degree programs

You want to study Medicine, Dental Medicine or Veterinary Medicine? Then there are additional admission requirements and earlier application deadlines.

Read about this under Medicine: Human, Dental and Veterinary Medicine.