Mobility and Exchange Incoming


Exchange semester

Students who are currently registered at a Ukrainian university have the possibility to study at the University of Bern for 1-2 semesters as exchange students if their subject of study is offered. An exchange agreement between your Ukrainian university and the University of Bern is not required. As an exchange student you can attend courses and take exams without having to pay tuition fees at the University of Bern. The stay is limited to 2 semesters (with the possibility to extend to 4 semesters) and you cannot obtain a degree at the University of Bern.

The course catalogue is available at You can filter your search by language of tuition (e.g. if you are looking for courses in English only). Courses marked with HS take place in fall semester, courses marked with FS in spring semester. 

Please note that the language of instruction for courses on Bachelor's level is mainly German. Most courses in English are on Master's level. If you are an advanced Bachelor's student you may also attend Master's courses (lectures) (exceptions are possible). 

Human and dental medicine are generally limited in study places. Admission as an exchange student in these study programmes is only possible for students who have been granted status S in Switzerland. 

To apply for 1-2 semesters at the University of Bern within this framework please fill in the online application form. Once you filled in the form, you will be asked to register on our exchange platform Mobility Online and to upload a number of documents that will be part of your application file:
- copy of passport/ID
- proof of registration at your home university in Ukraine
- transcript of records (if available)
- language confirmation/certificate for the language of instruction (B2 in either German and/or English) (if available)
- learning agreement (does not need to be signed)

The application deadline for spring semester 2023 has passed. An application for fall semester 2023 is possible from 1 - 31 May 2023. The link to the application form will be published on 1 May. 

If you are unable to provide these documents or if you have any questions regarding the application please contact us at

If you would like to apply as a regular degree-seeking student please consult the website of the Admission's Office for information on admission requirements and the application process (Bachelor, Master). Please note that as a regular degree-seeking student you have to pay tuition fees. 

Preparation year

The University of Bern offers a one-time preparation year for Ukrainian school-leavers for university studies at Bachelor’s level. The preparatory year is designed to qualify participants for admission to a bachelor's degree program at the University of Bern and to fully prepare them for studying at a Swiss university. It is free of charge for the participants.  

The preparation year consists in large parts of German language courses. Additionally, courses in Intercultural competence and and introduction to campus, city and country are offered, as well as an introcution in learning and teaching methods, scientific work, academic integration and research methods. In spring semester participants are given the opportunity to look into subject or faculty areas.

Successful completion of the preparation year entitles the student to admission to a bachelor's degree program at the University of Bern (except human and dental medicine and sports science). A German level of C1 is achieved through the intensive German courses. Courses taken during the preparatory year cannot be credited to a later Bachelor's degree program. 

The preparation year has already started and it is no longer possible to participate.

Compass UniBE - University preparation for refugee students

The University of Bern is initiating a project called Compass UniBE ‒ University Preparation for Refugee Students. Compass UniBE enables qualified refugees interested in studying to hone their language, methodological, and organizational skills in preparation for taking up a study program.

The offer includes language courses (German up to level C1 and English), mathematics courses, the opportunity to attend modules or lectures in the discipline of your choice, courses on learning technique and methodology, individual counseling and support with the admission process, mentoring by the students’ union (SUB), access to various university services and information and orientation events

The goal is for participants to acquire skills and competencies relevant to their studies and to qualify for admission to a regular degree program.

The project will start in the fall semester of 2023 and is initially limited to two pilot years. For more information please have a look at the UniBE Compass website


Please inform yourself also about alternatives:

Access to university sports

Refugee students from Ukraine can apply for a Unisport membership card free of charge. To get access to the university sports offer, please submit the following information and documents:
First name, last name, address in Switzerland, date of birth, phone number, mail address, a passport photo, and proof that you studied at a Ukrainian university and of your status S.
Please send the documents to: