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What is ILIAS?

The central platform for teaching and collaboration

ILIAS is the central teaching and learning platform of the University of Bern. It can be used both for the efficient and simple guidance and support of attendance-based courses as well as for the conduction of extensive online courses.


Access to ILIAS


The name ILIAS

ILIAS is an acronym (in German) which stands for integrated learning, information and work cooperation system. The aim of ILIAS is to create a flexible learning and work environment with integrated tools.

ILIAS and the University of Bern

The University of Bern is a member of the ILIAS open source e-Learning association and as such contributes to the further development of the open source software. ILIAS has been used at the University of Bern since 2005.

The Support center for ICT-aided teaching and research (iLUB) operates the system together with the IT Service Office. iLUB represents the needs of the members of the University of Bern in the further development of the open source software and at the international ILIAS conferences and general assemblies. The goal of iLUB is to further develop and improve ILIAS according to the needs of the staff and students of the University of Bern.

iTools for surveys and working groups

ILIAS offers tools for teaching, research, administration and teamwork. The particular space iTools in ILIAS at the University of Bern allows to use individual applications independently of an ILIAS course for your own purposes. Public surveys can be set up and ILIAS tools for teamwork and collaboration are available in working groups.

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