Mobility and Exchange Incoming

Procedure and Application

  • You are responsible for organizing an internship at the University of Bern.
  • You then contact your home university to see whether this internship is recognized.
  • You submit the registration form to UniBE International of the University of Bern.
  • You will then receive details of the further procedure and two forms (Learning Agreement for Traineeships, Insurance Declaration). Please return the completed and signed forms to UniBE International.
  • Once your documents have been checked and the funding has been approved, UniBE International will send you a grant confirmation (Grant Agreement).
  • Before the end of your internship UniBE International sends you the forms Final Report and Certificate of Attendance. Return the completed and signed documents to UniBE International.


Important note for students in veterinary medicine:
For an internship in veterinary medicine, please contact Prof. Dr. Meike Mevissen ( BEFORE you apply for an internship in a clinic and for the grant at UniBE International. Further information is available on the website of the faculty. Registration deadline for veterinary medicine: April 30th for the following fall- and/or spring semester