Mobility and Exchange Outgoing


As a SEMP (Erasmus) outgoing student you will receive a mobility grant from the Swiss government. Your online application for a SEMP (Erasmus) stay at the University of Bern is also an automatic application for the grant. You do not need to apply for the grant separately. The amount of the grant ranges from 1330 - 3800 CHF depending on the duration of the regular lecture period at your host university.

SEMP Grants

The lecture period is calculated wihout the "Introduction" or "Welcome Week" etc. for incoming students and without the examination period after the lecture period:

Dauer Betrag
From two full months (60 Days) up to 3 months 1330 CHF
From "3 months + 1 day" (91 Days) up to 7 months 1900 CHF
From "7 months + 1 day" (211 days) 3800 CHF

After successful completion of the application via Mobility-Online (Search Portal), you will be asked to insert the dates of the lecture period in Mobility-Online. If your host university does not send you any information by email, you will most likely have access to further information via the website of the host university. We recommend that you search with the keywords "Erasmus", "Incoming" or "Exchange", "Incoming" and the name of your host institution. For information about the lecture period search for the academic calendar on the website of your host university. 

Requirements for SEMP grant

The funding may be used only to cover the travel and living expenses as well as language preparation costs that incur in connection with the planned study trip abroad.

To receive the grant, it is compulsory to sign a grant agreement and to arrange a learning agreement with your home and host universities before the start of the mobility. After the mobility you are required to hand in a final report to the University of Bern.

Green Travel Top-Up for more environmentally friendly travel

If you use public transport or the bicycle for your entire journey to and from your destination and do not travel by air, you can receive a flat-rate subsidy of CHF 100. Simply apply for the Green Travel Top-up in your Mobility online account and submit the travel tickets or receipts in the appropriate steps in Mobility-Online.

CO2 emissions calculators: