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Public and Environment

The University of Bern is rooted in society and assumes the responsibility arising from this.

It contributes to the attractiveness and well-being of the Canton of Bern, the region around the capital, and the other surrounding regions. It works reliably and efficiently with local and national authorities. The University of Bern contributes to public life as a place of education, research, and culture and fosters exchange with political authorities and institutions of  public life. It collaborates with other ducational and research institutions.

The University of Bern stimulates interest in and understanding of its role and achievements. It informs the public about its activities transparently and comprehensibly. The University of Bern is responding to new needs in the workplace and society with a broad range of sophisticated further and higher education courses. The University of Bern is a reliable and open partner of business. It promotes knowledge and innovation transfer. It offers independent expertise and services in selected areas.