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Quality Strategy

The Quality Strategy 2022 (available in German) of the University of Bern defines the framework for the University's quality assurance and development (QAD) system and informs how the quality management works. In this way, the quality management system can be sustainably further developed and values and identity of the University's quality culture are laid down.
The University's QAD is based on our quality culture values, on efficient governance, and on measures and processes for implementing these measures.

The Quality Strategy 2022 is based on the following documents:

Based on the Strategy 2030 and on the quality standards for institutional accreditation (cf. art. 22, para. 1 Accreditation Ordinance HFKG, Appendix 2) and in accordance with the self-image of the University of Bern, a model was developed that includes all University areas in the QAD.

Action plans

In order to implement the Quality Strategy, a University Action Plan has been created in cooperation with the AKKRED Accreditation working committee. The aim is to establish the University quality system, by visualizing all University measures and actions that contribute to ensure the sustainable high-level standard of the quality assurance and its continuous development. The Action Plan is formulated based on guiding principles, objectives and fields of action of the Quality Strategy and thus on existing documents relevant to quality of the University of Bern.

The listed measures relating to the faculties form part of faculty action plans. The aim is to make all faculty- and center-specific actions and measures visible that contribute to quality assurance and continuous improvement as well as to the sustainable development of the University itself.