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Financial Matters

Financial proof for residence permit

For your stay in Switzerland, you need at least CHF 1,500 a month for accommodation and food.

It is difficult to find part-time jobs. As a non-Swiss student you are allowed to work a maximum of 15 hours a week. Non-EU/EFTA may only start working in Switzerland after having lived in the country for six months. Special transitory measures are applied on Croatian nationals. 

To apply for a residence permit, you require financial proof confirming that you will be able to pay the minimum living expenses of CHF 1,500 a month (a bank statement from your bank account or a written guarantee from a person supporting you with CHF 1,500 a month with bank statement and a copy of the person's passport). 

Living expenses

To help you plan your stay, we have listed the estimated monthly living expenses:

Expenses for
around CHF per month
Accommodation (potential additional costs: telephone, internet, Serafe*)  620 - 800        
Health / medical insurance                 180 - 400                      
Food, household goods 400 - 500        
Public transport
Course material       100        
Miscellaneous 100 - 300 
TOTAL 1,500 - 2,200 

* Every household in Switzerland is obligated to pay the radio and television fees. Your fees contribute to the public service offered by radio and television broadcasting in Switzerland. You have to pay the radio and television fees even if you pay for cable TV in your ancillary costs. You don't need to register, the bill will be sent directly to every household. Detailed information are available on the Serafe website.