Print card

The print card allows people who do not have a UNICARD to use the Uniprint services, e.g. customers of the University Library Bern who are not members of the university, or students from other universities. It can also be used as a payment card in the cafeterias.

Points of sale: Libraries with a UNICARD desk.

The sale price of CHF 10 includes CHF 5 of credit. Here you can find out where to top up your card.

The per-page prices are the same as for the UNICARD.

Differences compared to the UNICARD:

  • The print card is not personalized and therefore it can be transferred; it does not need to be validated
  • If the card is not used for 24 months it becomes invalid
  • The print card cannot be used as a form of ID (except for assigning print jobs, see above)
  • Instead of the campus account, a predefined print code is used to identify individual print jobs. This is printed on the print card.
  • As the card is not personalized, it does not include the function "Scan to Mail" (as an alternative, documents can be scanned to USB sticks)