Promotion of Early Career Researchers Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills Program for (Post)Docs

Transferable Skills - Key Qualifications for your academic and non-academic Career

  • individual feedback from experts
  • intensive learning in small groups
  • multidisciplinary networking

Transferable skills are competencies acquired in one context that can be applied to other contexts, jobs, positions, functions or fields of work. A case in point are good project management skills, required in both research and various other fields (construction projects, development projects, advertising or election campaigns).

Please note the many overlaps of workshops, please only register for workshops not overlapping. Thank you. Note: In case you register for workshops that take place partly in parallel, the TS Program will decide which of your registration will be cancelled.

Note: Please do not register for Branding your research and networking in academia using a scientific poster and for Best practices for storytelling with your scientific presentation. Due to overlap in contents, lecturers do not accept a person in both formats. In case you do, both registrations will be cancelled for reasons of fairness.

Please read the German version of this site (click 'DE' on top bar) for viewing the program and for registering.
 Title  Dates
Writing and Peer Reviewing for Publication in the Humanities and Social Sciences 14./28.02. & 14./28.03.2023 08:30-12:00
How to illustrate your research results: Creating advanced vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator CC
15. & 22.02.2023 09-12:30
Wissenschaftliche Texte mit LaTeX gestalten
17. & 24.02.2023 10-16:00
Ethics and Responsibility in Open Science 20.02.2023 12:15-14:00
How to write a competitive research grant proposal and fellowship application
20., 27.02. & 06.03.2023 08:30-12:00
Writing for Publication in the Natural Sciences 28.02., 07., 21. & 28.03.2023 14-17:30
Scientific Integrity 02.03.2023 12:15-14:00
Public Speaking for Scientists 03., 10., 17. & 24.03.2023 13-17:00
How to write an effective statistical plan for your grant 08.-10.03.2023 08-14:30
Project management practice for efficient research 13. & 20.03.2023 08:30-17:30
Introduction to budgeting in research grant applications or related projects
15.03.2023 10-12:00
Introduction to Python programming and data analysis, and visualisation 17., 24., 31.03. & 21., 28.04. & 05.05.2023 14:15-17:00
Planning and applying for a professional career outside academia
17. & 24.03.2023 10-18:00
Getting Started with 'R' - Analyzing and Visualizing your Statistical Data 22.-24.03.2023 08-16:00
Introduction to Data Science with Python 29.-31.03.2023 09-17:00
Introduction to Research Data Management 03.04.2023 09-17:00, 04.04.2023 09-12:00
Project Management - a toolbox for scientists 13. & 14.04.2023 09-17:00
Creating advanced vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator 18. & 25.04.2023 14-17:30
Public Speaking for Scientists 21., 28.04. & 05., 12.05.2023 13-17:00
What researchers need to know about systematic searching before publication 04.05.2023 09:15-12:00
Self-Leadership 05. & 12.05.2023 08:30-12:00
Planning and applying for a professional career outside academia
08. & 15.05.2023 10-18:00
How to write a competitive research grant proposal and fellowship application 10., 17. & 24.05.2023 08:30-12:00
Scientific Writing for English-Language Publication in the Life Sciences and the Medicine 19., 26.05. & 02., 09.06.2023 10-16:00
Peer review processes 22. & 23.05.2023 12-14:00
Best Practices for Storytelling with your scientific Presentation
05. & 07.06.2023 09-17:00
Branding in research and networking in academia using a scientific  poster 06. & 08.06.2023 09-17:00
Avoiding Predatory Publishers and Conferences
13.06.2023 10-11:15
Getting Started with 'R' - Analyzing and Visualizing your Statistical Data 14.-16.06.2023 08-16:00

In addition, several other bodies of the University of Bern offer various courses dedicated to transferable skills and other academic offers for doctoral candidates and/or postdocs.


The course program ”Transferable Skills“ is a project of the Vice-Rectorate Development within the scope of the sub-strategy of the “targeted promotion of the academics of the future” of the university's “Strategy 2021”. 

As well as earning an academic qualification, i.e. the thesis, the goal of a PhD education at the University of Bern is to acquire transferable skills so as to prepare PhD candidates for a demanding position within or outside of academia.

A further goal is to help postdocs advance in their academic career. Thus, the courses offered also give postdocs the chance to further develop relevant skills and enhance their professional profile.

Certification of such skills is seen as a competitive advantage in the labour market, which is why certificates of attendance are issued (for one day courses or longer) to document these achievements.    

The course program ”Transferable Skills“ is free of charge for postdocs and doctoral candidates of the University of Bern. Whereas ECTS recommendations are made, the decision as to whether or not academic achievements shall be recognized or considered as a part of a candidate’s doctoral studies lies with the faculties and graduate schools. Please note the Terms & Conditions below. As far as is useful and possible, a product is developed in each workshop, with individual feedback provided by the lecturers.