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Sports areas

Bergsport und Klettern
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Alpine sports and climbing

Tours among rocks, snow and ice, bouldering, in summer and winter. Next

Body & Mind
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Body & Mind

Holistic body workouts that strengthen deep muscles, improve posture and train body awareness through strengthening, mobilisation, stretching and breathing. Next



Two large gyms, many supervised training options, from easy to hard, with or without music / equipment. Next

Kampfsport und -kunst
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Combat sport / martial arts

Train sequences of movement, with or without a weapon, combat techniques, with or without an opponent, development of strength, agility, speed and self-discipline. Next

Lauf- und Radsport
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Running and cycling

Crisscrossing the Bremgartenwald on foot, input on running technique or map-reading, delightful routes for mountain or racing bikes, pure enjoyment of Nature. Next

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Snow sports

Lots of fun in the snow, full of handy hints, on the slopes, in the park, on the cross-country trail or off-piste. Next

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Playing with and against others, in a team, an opponent or on your own. Lots of fun – fair play guaranteed. Next

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Either solo, with a partner or in a group: be it elegant, passionate, dynamic, classical, modern or even acrobatic, danced of course to music. Next

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Water sports

In or on the water, calm or wild, in a boat or on a board, swimming, seated or standing. Next

Weitere Sportarten
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Other types of sport

Flying, turning, jumping, balancing, shooting, with or without equipment. Next