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For an overview of all student competitions, please follow this link. All events in Berne are listed below.

Burner Games® Event 

24 January 2024
Easy games and lots of fun. More Information

Squash tournament

22 February 2024
The single tournament in Squah. More Information

Boxing night

14 March 2024
The boxing night takes place in the premises of Boxes for Education. More Information


14 March 2024
Rushing from challenge to challenge in small teams at the Spielrausch event. More Information 

Night of martial arts

19 March 2024
Learn more about the different kinds of martial arts. More Information


24 April 2024
Exciting 2 vs. 2 clashes are preassigned at the Roundnet event. More Information 

Swiss Universities Games (SUG)

At the SUG in Tenero, the university championships are held in 8 different disciplines. More Information 

Soccer qualification and final night

29 April (qualifying) / 3 May 2024 (final)
The football cup in university sports. More Information



8 May 2024
The event takes place in the sports halls 1-6. More Information


Beachvolleyball Events

21 May 2023 (Mixed)
23 May 2023 (Men)
24 May 2023 (Women)
The beachvolleyball events take place in the categories women, men and mixed. More Information


Beach Tennis tournament

22 May 2024
Let the summer go on with our Beach Tennis Events. More Information


September 2024
Moving, meeting and relaxing on our starting Event. More Information



Table tennis event

October 2024
An evening full of table tennis. More Information



November 2024
The badmintonnight is almost legendary. More Information

Dr sportlech Zibelemärit

25 November 2024
Dr Zibelemärit is a very traditional festival in Bern. Spend the evening with Fencing or Futsal. More Information

Futsal Night (Final)

November/December 2024
On the night of the final, the winners from the qualification will compete against each other. More Information