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Ability levels

A specified ability level is required for many of the sports activities, and this should be observed for participation and registering for a course.

Activities for which no ability level is specified are open to all levels.

On this level the basics of the relevant sport will be taught, and participants will acquire the skills fundamental to the specific sport under simplified learning conditions. This level is suitable for both beginners, people who are out of practice or learners who want to consolidate their basic knowledge of the moves/sequences involved the sport.

Building on the fundamental skills for the sport, participants apply and vary the moves/sequences of the sport in more complex situations. This level is aimed at persons who wish to further consolidate and extend their basic repertoire of moves.

The moves/sequences specific to the sport are varied, extended further and combined in complex situations. This level is suitable for participants with advanced skills who wish to specifically optimize the quality of their performance.

Activities involving a moderate level of physical activity are indicated by the "Sun" symbol. They are specifically recommended for beginners, people who are out of practice, older participants and anyone who would prefer a slower pace of activity.