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Unisport ID

Students who are registered as studying at a Swiss university or University of Teacher Education Bern can use their valid UNICARD (student identity card) to take part in the entire Unisport program.

All other participation categories (see ID regulations) require Unisport ID to make use of the sports and exercise program. An application for a Unisport ID can be submitted online, by telephone or in person at the University Sports Secretariat.

Relevant access authorization is required to use the Unisport program (supervised activities, individual training sessions etc.):

  • Students registered at Swiss university (incl. ETH/EPFL) or University of Teacher Education Bern with their valid UNICARD (student identity card)
  • Employees of the University of Bern with their valid UNICARD, marked "Unisport". It is necessary to submit an application for Unisport ID here.
  • Holders of Unisport ID

The ID regulations state who is entitled to apply for Unisport ID.

Persons holding Unisport access authorization can generally take part in the sports and exercise program free of charge and without preregistration. See Course vs. Training