Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

Administrative Director's Office

The Administrative Director's Office establishes the operational and organizational conditions that allow the university to fulfill its core tasks competently and at a high level.

It supports teaching, research and services with reliable, efficient support processes in various areas.

Finance Office

It manages all the university's funds. It also prepares documents for control and management.


Human Resources Office

It supports the appointment, support and development of 6,500 employees in around 180 institutes and clinics. It advises both superiors and employees.



It encourages technology transfer between researchers, business and industry and public sector institutions. It also offers its support for the creation of spin-off companies.


University Library Bern

It looks after the University Library, which has 250 employees located at various sites in the city of Bern. It contains four million books, electronic media and over one hundred thousand e-journals and newspapers.


IT Services Office

It supports students, central administration staff and the institutes' IT managers with numerous IT-related services, support and advice.


University Sports

It organizes University Sports Bern, which offers over 150 sporting and exercise options in modern sports facilities in various locations in the city of Bern.


Facility Management Office

It ensures all properties used by the university function properly. This includes the entire technical infrastructure in addition to facility management.


Building Development Office

The Building Development Office coordinates the development of spatial infrastructure at the University of Bern. They manage construction projects and around 130 buildings, which were built by the Canton of Bern and made available to the University of Bern.


Risk Management Office

It advises and supports the Executive Board of the University of Bern, faculties, institutes and administrative departments in developing and executing a comprehensive system of risk management measures.