Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

University Library Bern

The University Library Bern (UB) is at the service of researchers, teachers and students of the university.

The University Library Bern (UB) has 29 libraries: academic field and faculty libraries as well as the Münstergasse library and the institute libraries of the University of Bern.

The University Library offers:

  • appropriate learning environments (reading places, group rooms, technical infrastructure)
  • books and professional journals
  • e-journals, e-books and specialist databases
  • courses on professional researching, writing and citing
  • support and infrastructure for academic publications
  • a repository for publications of the University of Bern and the data for the publication lists of the researchers
  • Old prints, historical maps and special collections such as the archive of psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach and the Rossica Europeana of the Swiss Library of Eastern Europe

The UB is the university library and at the same time a public, academic cantonal library that collects writings from and about the canton of Bern (Bernensia).

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