Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

Human Resources Office

Ensuring processes, supporting and advising

Human Resources administration

We ensure perfect HR and salary administration for all employees. We deal with matters of labor law and organize the work permits and registration procedure for non-Swiss employees.

We have all the important instruments needed for HR management. For this purpose, we use standardized processes and manage them. In particular, we design and oversee the web-based information platform for HR work and maintain the university's job portal.

Consulting services and development

At a personal level, we support superiors and employees in all HR and leadership issues.

For this purpose, we develop concepts for the acquisition, monitoring, assessment and further development of all employees at the University of Bern. We provide, and constantly improve, the necessary instruments and aids for leadership and HR work.


The University of Bern is a university offering a full range of courses and has eight different faculties. People from more than 90 countries work together here in a whole range of occupations. They teach, carry out research and generally ensure the running of the university. They also carry out services for the general public.


Terms and conditions of employment

People working at the University of Bern are employees of the canton of Bern and as such benefit from the attractive conditions offered by this public employer.


Development opportunities

Performance and development goals are defined for and with all employees of the University of Bern. The relevant superior has meetings with them at regular intervals, giving feedback on their performance and conduct.


Job vacancies

Our offers are wide ranging, fascinating and of the very best quality. Find the perfect job here!


Head of the Human Resources Office

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