Promotion of Research Uni Internal Grants

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Research at the University of Bern is supported by specific internal funding instruments. In particular, support is given to early-stage researchers, collaborative and interdisciplinary projects, innovation and entrepreneurship, and access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.

These funding schemes reflect the mission and objectives of the University of Bern's "Strategy 2030" to promote internationally competitive academic careers and to strengthen collaborations in basic and applied research.

Early-Career Researchers

Up to CHF 30,000 for early career researchers post PhD to prepare an application for third-party funding.

Up to CHF 5,000 for networking activities (e.g., seminars, conferences, workshops, internet platforms, peer mentoring, continuing education measures) organized by mid-level faculty from doctoral level.

Funds to hire a support person to take over tasks so that early-career researchers from postdoc level who have care responsibilities can temporarily reduce their workload.

Funds for PhD students who are not funded by the SNSF to undertake a 6-12 month research stay at a university or research institution abroad.

Up to CHF 8,000 for PhD students and Postdocs (Early Postdocs, Advanced Postdocs and Senior Research Assistants) to undertake a 2-8 week research stay abroad.

Co-funding for the 6-24 month appointment of excellent researchers whose Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship application with the University of Bern was not funded.

Collaboration / Interdisciplinarity

Up to CHF 150,000 for the preparation of a project application to a national or international funding agency. The project must be interdisciplinary, i.e. at least two disciplines located at the University of Bern (incl. Inselspital) must be represented.

Up to CHF 10,000 to cover costs arising from the preparation of Horizon Europe collaborative project applications in which the University of Bern plays a substantial role (equivalent to coordination).

Up to CHF 1,000 for short trips necessary for the launch or preliminary clarification of European research and education projects. Horizon Europe, COST and EUREKA project applications are eligible, or in special cases other international applications.

Infrastructure / Facilities

Up to CHF 300,000 in co-financing for translational projects wishing to use specific sitem-insel research platforms (infrastructures, equipment or services).

Co-financing for the acquisition of equipment worth more than CHF 500,000 to be used for research purposes.


CHF 100,000 for young researchers to translate their scientific findings into innovative products and services.

Up to CHF 20,000 to advance, validate, and refine ideas into innovative products or services.