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Executive Board and Central Administration

Admissions Office

The Admissions Office helps with all questions relating to registering for a degree course at the University of Bern, semester enrolment, transferring from a Bachelor's to a Master's and from a Master's to a doctorate and, finally, exmatriculation.

Our main tasks:

  • Support of over 19,000 students and doctoral candidates in connection with admission to study, initial registration, renewal of registration, leave of absence and removal from the student registry.
  • Processing of admission applications, particularly those of applicants from abroad
  • Provision of information for students with disabilities
  • Support of auditors
  • Provision of advice and information at the infopoint in the main building of the university, by telephone and by e-mail
  • Registration of exchange students
  • Invoicing and collection of tuition and semester fees
  • Supply of student data and degrees to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office
  • Archiving of student data
  • Maintenance of a web interface for the Dean's Office and institutes with student data
  • Information for the Dean's Office and institutes

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Statistics on the students

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