Before contacting VPN support, please read our instructions first. If the issue remains, get in touch. In addition to a precise description of the problem, our support team needs the following information:

  • Exact description oft the matter
  • Error message(s)
  • Name / version of the VPN client (e.g. Cisco AnyConnect, Version 4.5.03040)
  • User name (NEVER give a password at the same time!)
  • Operating system including any service packs installed or other operating system patches, 32-bit or 64-bit, etc.
  • Type of computer (laptop, desktop, smartphone, etc.)
  • Time at which you last attempted a VPN connection
  • The place from which you last attempted to set up a VPN connection (at home, UniBern network, another location)
  • Information about the network connection (ADSL, modem, wireless, etc.. )
  • Information about installed security software, antivirus software, firewalls, etc.