Access to internal resources via VPN

VPN allows you to work from any location as if your computer were connected directly to a network socket in a university building. The whole thing works regardless of whether you are at the university, at home or in a hotel room.

Secure access to the university network with VPN

A VPN connection (virtual private network) enables an encrypted, secure and authenticated connection from remote locations (e.g. from home) to the university network. With an existing VPN connection, the computer is "virtually" integrated into the university network.

This connection can be done via a special program (VPN Client). Such connections are also called VPN tunnels, because any network traffic from your computer is first sent to the VPN gateway at the other end of the tunnel, as if through a tunnel, and only from there to the actual destination.

Why VPN?

After a successful connection you have the possibility to use all services restricted to university addresses (e.g. access to paid libraries, journals, etc.). Furthermore, it allows you to access your own shares in the institute.

For members of the University of Bern