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Prix Lux

Prix Lux 2022

NCCR RNA & Disease

The University of Bern awarded the "Prix Lux" to the National Centre of Competence in Research "RNA & Disease" in 2022 - for new approaches to supporting young mothers and fathers to continue their careers. In order to actively promote equal opportunities in the NCCR "RNA & Disease" and to close the leaky pipeline, on the one hand, proven measures are used: These include one-to-one mentoring, peer mentoring groups, leadership courses and coaching for female scientists. On the other hand, two innovative and unique measures have been developed and implemented.

The "Pregnancy and Maternity Leave Compensation" aims to cushion the negative impact of maternity leaves on academic careers. This includes the funding of a research assistant during the last trimester of pregnancy and maternity leave. The assistant continues the projects as far as possible and in turn benefits from this professional experience. Even after maternity leave, it is possible to continue to employ the assistant with the help of the "SNSF Flexibility Grant".

The second measure consists of extended parental leave for the other parent (whether same-sex or opposite-sex). In addition to the two weeks, a further six weeks may be taken. The salary is paid in full by the NCCR. It is also possible to take this additional parental leave part-time, for example 50 per cent for 12 weeks.