Statements from partner institutes

Statement by swissuniversities, 09.03.2022

"The Board of swissuniversities observes with great concern the development of the war in Ukraine and its impact on the cooperation with Russian researchers and students. When political agreements and rules of diplomacy are unilaterally overridden, many areas in science remain connected through a common understanding of scientific freedom and academic integrity."

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Statement by swissuniversities, 27.02.2022

"The warlike developments will have serious consequences for Ukrainian universities. Swiss universities will do everything in their power to host teachers, researchers and students from Ukrainian universities."

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Statement by The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities, 25.02.2022

"As universities in Europe, we stand for democracy, for human rights, and for the right to critical enquiry and the pursuit of knowledge. We urge our political leaders to support us in doing whatever we can to extend this right to Ukrainian faculty and staff."

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Statement by European University Association EUA, 25.02.2022

"The Association is in contact with its 26 Ukrainian members and will provide any support possible at this difficult and distressing time. EUA is also in the process of liaising with its wide member- and partnership to identify coordinated and effective ways to support the Ukrainian university sector in its missions."

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Statement by Swiss Student Union (VSS), 24.02.2022

"The Association of Swiss Student Unions (VSS) stands by the Ukrainian students and the Ukrainian student association in these difficult times. We are appalled by the unfolding events and strongly condemn the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine, which poses a grave threat to human rights. We appeal to our government to reach out and support all students who want to flee the country and seek refuge in Switzerland."

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Statement by German Rectors’ Conference  (HRK), 24.02.2022

"In a statement, the President of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK), Professor Dr Peter-André Alt, has strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine: ‘This is a deeply distressing day. Our solidarity goes out to the people of Ukraine and especially to our academic partners. We are very concerned about the lives and the well-being of Ukrainian academics and students.‘"

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Statement by University Hospital Bern, 03.03.2022

"The University Hospital Bern is dismayed by the war in Ukraine. As a sign of its solidarity with the people in need, Insel Gruppe is donating ten Swiss francs per employee to the Swiss Solidarity relief campaign."

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Statement by the City of Bern, 02.03.2022

"Solidarity with Ukraine and the capital Kyiv: The City Council of Bern is shocked by the war in Ukraine. It condemns the aggression of Vladimir Putin and expresses its deep sympathy for the people of Ukraine. The city is ready to accept refugees from Ukraine. For several years, the city of Berne has been in close cooperation with the capital Kyiv."

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Statement by the Medical Faculty

"The Medical Faculty of the University of Bern observes the military invasion of Ukraine initiated by the Russian government with the utmost concern and strongly condemns the violation of international law. Our thoughts are wholeheartedly with the Ukrainian people, but also with the courageous Russian scientists and citizens who publicly voice their disagreement with these actions ordered by the Russian government. As an academic institution, we believe that international scientific exchange is a fundamental criterion for peace in Europe and may not be interrupted; especially not in such difficult times of conflict. The Medical Faculty supports the statements of the All European Academies ALLEA and the European network of universities The Guild and in this sense, calls for solidarity of all democratic states and all universities within Europe and urges the Russian government to stop the attack on the sovereign and democratic state of Ukraine and its population."