Tools and Work Aids VHO access for external users


Target group

VHO accounts are created exclusively for the following groups of people:

  • inter-university, Europe-wide or international project teams
  • guest lecturers from abroad who do not have a campus account
  • temporary guest access

People who have a University of Bern campus account or an account with another Swiss university are already able to access the University of Bern's ILIAS platform.

VHO accounts for the groups of people listed above are usually free. The person who made the request shall be held responsible for any misuse by external groups of people.

Order form

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Employees at the University of Bern can request a VHO account from SWITCHaai for the groups of people listed above.

  1. Complete the request for a VHO account.
  2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from iLUB when the account is opened.
  3. Account details are usually sent directly to the VHO user by e-mail. If you do not want this to happen, please make a note on the request form.

Form: Request a single VHO-Account

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If you would like to request more than three accounts, please fill in the following Excel document and send it to the e-mail address shown below.

If possible: Requesting a University of Bern campus account

In many cases, the account manager at the relevant institute can open an external user campus account for people from outside the university (e.g. advisors/supporters). The external user campus account enables, among other things, access to the ILIAS learning platform. These accounts must be renewed by the account manager via the account management system. In this case, no VHO account is necessary.

Logging in to ILIAS

You can use a VHO account like a normal University of Bern campus account. However, when logging in to ILIAS, you must set the home institution as "VHO - Virtual Home Organization" and not "University of Bern".


Access to ILIAS