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Personal details

  • First name and surname (in some circumstances it may be worth specifying which is your first name and which is your surname, if it is not clear).
  • Address (in full and with no abbreviations).
  • Telephone number(s) on which you can be easily reached. Details of the type of telephone contact number (e.g. office, private, mobile). Set a respectable greeting on any answer machine.
  • E-mail address (professional and reputable, e.g. firstname.surname@...)
  • Home town
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality: Specify nationality, if CH nationality is not clearly apparent from your name and home town. Foreign citizens Details of residence permit and work permit (L/B/C).
  • Civil status and children: optional.
  • Application photo: optional, if not explicitly requested in the job advertisement. Place an application photograph in the top right hand corner of the first page of your CV. You should use a high quality portrait shot. It is worth making a trip to a professional photographer!