Mobiliar professorship

Thanks to Mobiliar, the University of Bern is able to appoint a Professor of Climate Impact Research. This position really complements and reinforces the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Bern.

"Why is Schweizerische Mobiliar so bothered about global climate change, you might ask. This is an insurance company that only operates in Switzerland. I could give three answers to this question. First, we fund climate impact research with special emphasis on the Alpine region. Second, Mobiliar – as a leading non-life insurer – is very significantly affected by climate change. Not only are we the market leader in terms of premium income, but also in terms of paying out claims when streams and rivers burst their banks or when landslides and avalanches come crashing down. And third, we are keen – as a company firmly based in Bern – to support the city as a center of research." Urs Berger, CEO of the insurance company Mobiliar.