Strategic objective: The University increasingly communicates its proficiency in research, teaching and services. This enhances the national and international reputation of the University and ensures long-term support from stakeholders.

The University of Bern operates as a single unit both internally and externally and coordinates its activities across organizational units. All communication and marketing activities are based on the principles set out in section 3 and the brand promise “Knowledge creates value”.

Researchers at the University of Bern primarily publish their findings as scientific publications. This allows the University to intensify its dialogue with the general public, the political and business worlds, the national and international research community and other stakeholders. This demonstrates the value that the University brings to society by providing ongoing information about its activities and transparently imparting acquired knowledge. By doing this, it presents itself both at home and abroad as a place of knowledge and innovation and contributes to societal and political opinion-forming processes.

The University Executive Board maintains a regular and open dialogue with University staff and students, enabling them to identify more strongly with the University. The University uses its alumni network to maintain active links with former students.