Organization Executive Board and Central Administration

Executive Board and Central Administration

University Advancement

The University of Bern welcomes and supports philanthropic funding. This serves to raise the University's profile and enhances Bern as a center for business and academia.

Private funding boosts and accelerates the university's development in line with its strategy, while sponsoring supports its marketing objectives. Philanthropic funding enables additional services in specific research areas, supports early-career researchers, generates innovation, and enhances the role of Bern – and Switzerland as a whole – as a center of business and knowledge.

The University of Bern invites any interested private individuals, companies, foundations, or other organizations to forge a cooperative funding partnership, and to receive long-lasting and appreciative support in return for their financial commitment. The university’s relationships with its donors and sponsors are characterized by transparency, respect, dialog, appreciation and long-term partnerships.

Coordination office and main contact for university advancement is the UniBE Founation.

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