Computer workplaces

The IT Services of the University of Bern maintain and support pool rooms with computer workstations for students at various locations, which are available to students for general work during their studies as part of teaching and research.

  • The pool rooms are freely accessible and may not be reserved for classes.
  • Staff at the University of Bern may use our classrooms for their teaching sessions.
  • External visitors who are not registered at the university are not permitted to use these workstations. 

Layout plan

The map below gives an overview of all Mac and PC pool rooms on the University of Bern campus. Click on the corresponding marker on the Google map to view details about a specific pool room.

More information about the individual pool rooms

You can find technical support addresses, area plans and further information about each pool room below.

operating system Microsoft Windows 7
 virus protection Symantec Endpoint Protection                                                                                                         
Office system  Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010    
PDF-Tool Adobe Acrobat Pro
Media Player
Internet Browser
Internet Explorer 11
others 7zip
Adobe Flashplayer (ActiveX und Plugin)
SSH SecureShell
Adobe Digital Editions 
operating system Mac OS X 10.6.8 
Office system                 Microsoft Office 2008 
Libre Office
Text editors
Statistics software SPSS 20.0
PDF-Tool Acrobat Writer
Media Player
Internet Browser