The SWITCH edu-ID is a universal and secure digital identity for lifelong access to university resources. The SWITCH edu-ID is designed for permanent use and is administered by university members themselves. It is available to all Swiss universities and their partners.

Benefits to users 

  • A single identity for web based services regardless of the organisation
  • The identity is valid for a lifetime 
  • Users can control the content and scope of their identity


Users must connect their SWITCH edu-ID to the campus account in order to use services that require university membership.

Go to ktools to register your SWITCH edu-ID

step-by-step instructions


The SWITCH edu-ID must be used for all SWITCHaai services. You can see from the login window that you have to use your SWITCH edu-ID.

Login with edu-ID:

Select "University of Bern" from the list of organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions 


  • is an account for access to services in the university environment also outside the University of Bern.
  • is created by the user and self-managed at https://www.switch.ch/edu-id/users/
  • remains valid beyond the affiliation to the university.
  • can be be linked to the Campus Account at https://register.eduid.unibe.ch/ktools/index.xhtml so that affiliation data of the University of Bern is automatically updated. This is necessary for correct authorizations for many services.

Campus Account 

  • is an account for access to services of the University of Bern.
  • Students receive their campus account automatically with enrollment.
  • For employees, the responsible account manager submits a request and the corresponding information is sent to the employee by post.
  • expires when leaving the University of Bern.

Follow this steps for registration: 

  1. Login to https://register.eduid.unibe.ch with your Campus Account. 
  2. Klick the link “SWITCH edu-ID Registration”. 
  3. Klick “Create account”, if you do not have an edu-ID. 
  4. Enter your name, E-Mail address and password. 
  5. Confirm your E-Mail address by clicking on the confirmation link that you will receive by e-mail. 

step-by-step instructions (german only)

  • all SWITCH aai-Applications. These include:
    ILIAS, KSL, Studis Selfservice, Unisport Registration, BORIS Bern Open Repository and Information System, SUB Wahltool, Services from IML, DocCom
  • SWITCH Services

At a later date:

  • Online Application

For all other services the Campus Account must still be used. This includes, among others:

  • Campus Groupware (inkl. Mail, Calendar)
  • Login at the personal workstation
  • eduroam and VPN access


step-by-step instructions (german only)

In case of problems with the access or your password, please contact the SWITCH support.

In case of problems with the access or the password, contact SWITCH support.

You can check in https://register.eduid.unibe.ch whether your Campus Accounts is linked. Login with your Campus Account. 

If you see the SWITCH edu-ID infobox, you do not have an edu-ID linked. 

Even if you have more than one Campus Account, create a SWITCH edu-ID and link it to one of your Campus Accounts. All the other Campus Accounts for your person will be automatically linked.

Two-Step Login increases security by prompting users to enter a second authentication factor when logging in.

To activate the two-step login, go to your edu-ID account via https://eduid.ch and click on the plus sign at "Two-Step Login" or go directly to the Two-Step Login settings (https://eduid.ch/web/edit-security-settings/) .

It is recommended to use a private e-mail address when registering your SWITCH edu-ID.  

Your University of Bern e-mail addresses are automatically transferred to SWITCH edu-ID when you have linked your campus account to your edu-ID. These e-mail addresses can also be used when logging in.

You can view and edit the stored e-mail addresses at https://eduid.ch.

Log on to https://eduid.ch with the edu-ID to edit your personal details such as name and address.

Please note that the data at the University of Bern is not updated automatically. So you have to report the changes additionally:

    Students - Studis Selfservice

Connect your SWITCH edu-ID to your campus account at https://register.eduid.unibe.ch, then you can use it to access the services of the University of Bern.

Make sure that you have stored your private e-mail address. You can check this at https://eduid.ch.

The organizational data will be updated automatically.

Deletion of the SWITCH edu-ID is not recommended. You can find further information here.

For login to the service, select your aaiOrganization and log in with your Insel Account. It is not necessary to create a SWITCH edu-ID.

Have you accidentally created multiple SWITCH edu-IDs? Follow the instructions to merge them (german only).

If this is not the case, please contact the Service Desk to check your authorizations.

The SWITCH edu-ID is a strategic decision of the Swiss colleges and universities.

Other reasons for switching from SWITCHaai to SWITCH edu-ID:

  • Those who study and/or work at several universities now only need one account.
  • Research in the swisscovery research portal is only possible with one edu-ID.
  • The SWITCH edu-ID makes registering for studies more secure and easier.
  • SWITCHaai will not be further developed (end-of-life technology). Furthermore, the infrastructure of the University of Bern can be optimized with the switch to SWITCH edu-ID.