The regulations adopted by the University Board of Directors form the basis for the evaluation of the submitted applications. The following criteria regarding form and content are also relevant:

  • clear thematic focus
  • transparent budget
  • money from the fund must be a significant portion of total project budget
  • high-quality networking as the main goal
  • qualification gain for the applicant
  • personal contributions must be present and clearly identified, although generally they will not be funded
  • as a rule, no contribution to publication costs (except for printing materials for the event)
  • no financial support to individuals (e.g., congress participation, individual research projects)
  • recurring events cannot be supported more than once
  • events, which take place before the relevant deadline for funding applications, will not be supported

The assessment of the applications is carried out by a committee of members of the intermediate staff on behalf of the Commission for the Promotion of Young Researchers of the University of Bern.

The operational credit of the respective institute is increased by the funded amount. Cantonal guidelines forbid in general the use of the operational credit to pay for gifts, food, drinks and apéros. Such expenses must be covered from other credit accounts. Only snacks are allowed. This must be clarified within the institute before project submission.

Important: Food expenses can therefore only be requested, if a written confirmation from the institute exists that assures these costs can be paid out. Otherwise the evaluation committee will cut these amounts.