sitem-insel Support Funds

Co-funding for access to technology-intensive sitem-insel research platforms

Requirements A translational project to be carried out using the service of a technology-intensive research platform in sitem-insel. A written confirmation from the platform managers that the project can be carried out within the proposed framework. Basic or third-party funds as "matching funds" to cover the own contribution of 40-60%.
Eligibility Professors (including associates and assistants) and lecturers, chief physicians, senior physicians and hospital specialists employed by the University of Bern or the Inselspital with a degree of employment of at least 50%. Applicants must be employed by the University of Bern or the Inselspital for the duration of the project.
Funding amount
Max. CHF 150,000 per application for a 12-month project, max. CHF 300,000 for a 24-month project as matching funds. A total of CHF 4 million is available between 2019-2023.
Service and material costs incurred through the purchase of services in approved sitem-insel research platforms.

15 January 2024


The Swiss lnstitute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine sitem-insel is a strategic initiative aimed at strengthening Bern's position as a center of medicine in the form of a public-private partnership. The University of Bern supports sitem-insel with seed money and project funding.

At sitem-insel, technology-intensive research platforms are operated, which offer services for researchers. These reasearch platforms are cost-intensive. It is important to the University that all researchers from all faculties with interesting and competitive projects have access to these research platforms and that these services can be purchased within a reasonable financial framework.

To this end, co-funding of translational projects for the use of services in sitem-insel shall be provided under the provisions of these Regulations. This funding is called sitem-insel Support Funds (SISF). The SISF contribution will support purchases of services and in-kind costs in approved sitem-insel research platforms.

General conditions

(Excerpt from the regulations, partly supplementary explanations

  • The program is built on the principle of matching funds (co-financing). Matching funds can consist of both cash and in-kind contributions. Funding raised elsewhere within the university may not be specified as matching funds.
  • The financial contribution of the applicants is at least 40% of the project costs. Exception are units that belong to the "Lehre und Forschung" system of the Inselspital (at least 60% matching funds, as they have additional support options there) (Art. 2). Further explanations can be found here.
  • The university management will provide a total of CHF 4 million for SISF contributions from the operating credit (Grundmittel) for a limited period in the years 2019-2023. The amount per proposal is a max. of CHF 150,000 (project duration 12 months) or a max. of CHF 300,000 (max. project duration 24 months). (Art. 3)
  • The application is submitted by one person (= applicant). (Art. 4.1)
  • Resubmission of previously rejected applications (without substantial revision) is not allowed.
  • Proof of financing own contribution: The applicant has the necessary means to cover the financial own contribution (basic funds or third-party funds). (Art. 4.5)
  • The SISF contribution supports purchases of services in approved sitem-insel research platforms. The funds from the SISF contribution can be used exclusively for services (incl. personnel costs which are part of the purchased service) and material costs. Personnel costs and administrative costs are not covered. (Art. 5)
  • The basic prerequisite for the approval of an application is the feasibility of the project with the help of an approved interdisciplinary research platform in sitem-insel AG and the written confirmation of the platform managers that the project can be carried out within the proposed framework. (Art. 9.2)
  • In addition to the feasibility of the project in sitem-insel, the applications are assessed according to the following criteria: scientific quality, innovation and translational potential, contribution to the Strategy of the University of Bern. (Art. 9.3)
  • There is no legal claim to the payment of a SISF contribution. There is no legal recourse for rejected applications. (Art. 2.3 und 2.4)

Approved platforms

The SISF platforms approved so far within sitem-insel are: