Promotion Fund

Funding for networking activities of intermediate staff members.

Requirements An innovative idea for a networking activity that strengthens independence and personal qualification.
Eligibility Members of the intermediate staff of the University of Bern as defined by intermediate staff association (i.e. employed staff, but also enrolled doctoral students, registered post-doctoral students).
Funding amount
Max. CHF 5'000 per application. A total of CHF 150,000 per year is available.
Conference, workshop, colloquium, etc. Not funded: recurring event, support for individuals, contributions to publications.

October, 2023 (deadline will betermined)

There are two submission deadlines per year, in spring and in fall. The funds received in this round must be used by the End of 2024. The decision on funding support can be expected by December 2023.

In cooperation with the Intermediate Staff Association of the University of Bern (Mittelbauvereinigung), the Vice-Rectorate Research calls for proposals to the Fund for the Promotion of Young Researchers twice a year. The fund aims to encourage networking activities of young researchers from doctoral study (PhD) level upwards. In an efficient und quick procedure, original and innovative ideas that strengthen independence and personal skills are financed with a max. of CHF 5,000.

An amount of CHF 150,000 in total has been made available for the application round in autumn 2022 and for the round in spring 2023. In the previous application rounds, sometimes more than 60% of the applications were supported (depending on the number of submissions).

The following information must be strictly followed for an application.